US-based pro-Taiwan group calls for renaming Taiwan’s representative office (2018/09/12)
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    US-based pro-Taiwan group calls for renaming Taiwan’s representative office (2018/09/12)

    A US-based non-profit called Formosan Association for Public Affairs, or FAPA, is calling for a change in the name of Taiwan's representative office in the US. Taiwan's representative office currently goes by the long-winded title of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S., or TECRO. The non-profit wants to simply call it the Taiwan Representative Office. Their cause has been adopted by Taiwan's United Nations lobby group, which is currently on a visit to Washington.

    A 23-member delegation lobbying for Taiwan’s UN participation is in Washington, visiting the headquarters of FAPA and the DPP’s US office.

    Coen Blaauw
    FAPA Executive Director
    We think that TECRO is a bad name for the Taiwanese embassy. What we want to do is to change the name of TECRO to the Taiwan Representative Office.

    The group hopes that the newly passed Taiwan Travel Act can take Taiwan-US relations a step forward. The group wants to rectify the name of Taiwan’s US representative office and promote formal diplomatic ties between the two countries. It also wants to change the status of the AIT director, or the de facto US ambassador to Taiwan, to be in line with that of regular US ambassadors, who are confirmed by the US Congress.

    Michael Tsai
    Taiwan United Nations Alliance President
    I hope that during our talks, we’ll get down to more concrete issues. Tomorrow when we hold this dialogue with American officials, we will tell them that since Congress has passed the Taiwan Travel Act and President Trump has signed it into law, the Executive Branch should enact its provisions.

    With its name rectification campaign and its efforts to get Taiwan into the UN, the lobby group has plenty on its plate as it attempts to raise Taiwan’s stature on the world stage.

    中文 Chinese  
    要台灣不要台北! FAPA推駐美代表處正名



    [[台灣人公共事務會執行主任 昆布勞]]
    “我們認為,駐美台北經濟文化代表處(TECRO) ,作為台灣大使館,名稱不好,我們希望改名為台灣代表處。”


    [[台灣聯合國協進會理事長 蔡明憲]]
    “希望我們能談到更具體。明天我們跟美國官方,有對話的時候 我們要講,既然美國國會通過(台旅法),川普總統也簽署了,行政部門要不要落實。”


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