Lethal Man o' War jellyfish found along Keelung coast (2019/01/10)
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    Lethal Man o' War jellyfish found along Keelung coast (2019/01/10)

    Recent weather patterns and higher ocean temperatures may be to blame for a swarm of toxic jellyfish found along the coast of Keelung. The Portuguese Man o' War jellyfish appear small and harmless, but their sting can be lethal. Locals who encounter them on the shore are urged to steer clear.

    It's no bigger than a bottle cap. This translucent bubble of jelly drifts along in the water. It's beautiful to behold, but it's also highly toxic.

    Chen Li-shu
    Marine science researcher
    Even after it washes up to shore, its nematocysts can be still be triggered. If you touch it, the same thing will happen - the venom shoots out and you'll get a red inflammation.

    Portuguese man o' war jellyfish are extremely venomous, and they are dangerous even after dying. If you're lucky, touching one will cause only a skin inflammation. In the worst case scenario, the poison can penetrate the lymph nodes and lead to death.

    In the past, this toxic jellyfish had largely stayed along the shores of Eastern Taiwan, but now they've been sighted along the coast of Keelung. Marine biologists say that ocean warming has sped up jellyfish reproduction, and that seasonal currents have brought them up north.

    Chen Li-shu
    Marine science researcher
    I do have to say that this year has been quite special. It's just so happened that the jellyfish have come up closer to the shore, and that is what caused everyone to panic.

    Experts say the man o' war population is still within normal parameters. There's no need to panic, they say, so long as you only look and don't touch.
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    暖化影響 大量劇毒僧帽水母基隆沿海現蹤



    [[海洋科技博物館博士 陳麗淑]]
    “即使飄到岸上的話,牠的刺絲胞 都還會作用,即使你那時候去摸,還是一樣會中毒會紅腫。”



    [[海洋科技博物館博士 陳麗淑]]

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