All three presidential candidates stumping hard in preparation for election (2011/12/26)
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    All three presidential candidates stumping hard in preparation for election (2011/12/26)

    As the election date draws near, the three presidential candidates continue to canvass votes from various places. KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou visited St. Mary’s Hospital Luodong in Yilan County today, while DPP candidate Tsai ing-wen returned to home turf in Pingtung. PFP candidate James Soong visited an old folks’ home in Penghu today.

    With 19 days to go until the presidential election, all three candidates are stumping hard around Taiwan. President Ma visited St. Mary’s Hospital in Luodong, Yilan County today. He talked about his medical policies which promise to increase pay and benefits for healthcare providers.

    Ma Ying-jeou
    The Department of Health has decided that this year’s contribution to improving the pay of healthcare professionals will be NT$10 billion. Next year NT$20 billion will be taken from medical insurance.

    DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen returned to her home-turf in Pingtung County. She has begun a campaign trip by car that will sweep across the country. Then, on Dec 28, Tsai will venture as far as Kinmen to talk about cross-strait relations on the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the so-called Three Small Links.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    DPP Presidential Candidate
    The Three Small Links between Kinmen and China was established within my term (as Mainland Affairs Council chairwoman). It’s been extremely meaningful toward cross-strait relations. Hence this will be of supreme importance when we campaign in Kinmen.

    On the other hand, James Soong has traveled to Penghu’s old folks’ homes in order to talk about the concerns of senior citizens.

    James Soong
    PFP Presidential Candidate
    The aging population is a very important concern. We’re two times above the 7% threshold set by the UN in terms of being an aging population. The other two parties have not paid much attention to this problem.

    All three candidates are campaigning hard all over Taiwan in order to secure as many votes as possible on the big day.
    中文 Chinese  

    選戰逼近,三位候選人努力在最後倒數加緊跑活動拉票。總統馬英九前往宜蘭羅東聖母醫院視察. 而蔡英文重返老家屏東,進行車隊掃街,宋楚瑜今天到澎湖,來到老人安養中心拜票.

    選戰倒數19天,各個候選人走遍全台跑活動拉票. 馬總統今天在宜蘭羅東聖母醫院視察, 談到了醫療政見,馬總統保證會替醫護人員加薪謀福利.

    [[總統 馬英九]]

    而蔡英文則是重返老家屏東, 12月28號,還要直奔外島金門,發表小三通實施十週年的兩岸談話.

    [[民進黨總統候選人 蔡英文]]


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