Expats put massive collection of vintage Taiwan photos online (2011/06/22)
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    Expats put massive collection of vintage Taiwan photos online (2011/06/22)

    Two expats have built a website that provides a wealth of information on Taiwan’s past. Marc Plumb and David Reid showcase a collection of at least 4,600 vintage photos on the site, with each picture telling a story of how Taiwan became the vibrant island it is today.

    Do any of these places seem familiar to you? Take a closer look, and you may recognize some of them. This is Taipei’s Dihua Street and this is Renai Circle, in vintage style.

    Taiwan is full of culture, yet not everyone is aware of how it became the vibrant place it is today. Marc Plumb and David Reid are two local expatriates. They decided to launch a website that tells stories of the past few decades in Taiwan.

    Marc Plumb
    Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive
    It’s really hard to find historical books or movies or anything on Taiwan. And I just started to collect them for myself because I like Taiwan history.

    Plumb has a few favorite spots in Taipei. The site where the Shin Kong Life Tower stands is one of them. Over 60 years ago, it was the Railway Hotel.

    Marc Plumb
    Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive
    It was one of the most important hotels in Taiwan. In 1945, boom, American military air force just bombed it.

    The National Taiwan Museum is another site that provides old world charm in the modern city.

    Marc Plumb
    Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive
    It’s actually kind of neat the way a lot of old places now have been restored.

    Plumb says he appreciates the modernization in Taiwan today, but the vintage side of the island is an important part of what makes it such a fun place to be.
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    這些地方看起來很眼熟嗎? 再看一次,你可能就認得出來。這裡是迪化街,而這個是仁愛圓環,不過,這是古典版的台北街景。

    台灣的文化豐富,不過卻不是所有人,都了解它是如何演變成現今這充滿活力的地方。兩位住在台灣的外籍朋友馬克龍 (Marc Plumber) 與魏明智 (David Reid),決定設立網站,用相片訴說台灣的故事。

    [[台灣古典照檔案庫 馬克龍]]


    [[台灣古典照檔案庫 馬克龍]]


    [[台灣古典照檔案庫 馬克龍]]

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