Taitung’s indigenous youth with special needs flourish in creative projects (2020/11/24)
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    Taitung’s indigenous youth with special needs flourish in creative projects (2020/11/24)

    Let's take a look now at projects creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to flourish, in the indigenous communities of Taitung. Rural villages may have fewer resources for young people with conditions like autism, special needs or learning disabilities. In 2016, the Beunen Foundation and PXMart Qingxiang Charitable Foundation teamed up to provide skills training in this underserviced area. With this support, local youth are developing their talents and giving back to their community.

    Ah Ju pours dough into a mold with a dab hand. In minutes, these cute little cakes come out of the oven, smelling as good as they look. Ah Ju, who has severe learning disabilities, lives with his father, who is blind, in Shangwu Village in Taitung's Dawu Township. Neither are employed, but they receive a monthly home delivery of essential items, bought with shopping credits from PXMart Qingxiang Charitable Foundation. Last year, when Jinlun Beunen Foundation opened up the village workshop, Ah Ju started life skills classes. Delivering these finished cakes to his colleagues marked a new chapter of independence in his life.

    This is Ah Lung. Growing up with autism in an under-resourced rural village, he had no reason to leave the house after graduating from junior high. But he loves painting. After completing six years' training with the Beunen Foundation, he's published a series of works inspired by the Paiwan people.

    Ah Lung
    This is a headdress, an indigenous headdress. I painted these in the evenings.

    The two foundations have worked together for four years. Shopping vouchers have supported more than 2,500 people with disabilities, their families, and organizations affiliated with Beunen.

    Chang Yi-chun
    PXMart Qingxiang Foundation CEO
    Our cooperation works through charitable benefits cards. So far this year we've donated about NT$870,000's worth of goods.

    Tsung Ching-yi
    Beunen Foundation CEO
    So far we've served more than 60 people with disabilities in those three locations. We find teachers who provide them with classes in painting, baking, arts, crafts and design.

    As the saying goes, give a man a fish and he eats today. Teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Together these foundations are helping on both fronts. Many people with disabilities have untapped potential that, when unlocked, allows them to shine and to contribute to the community.
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    金崙村身障者多 基金會協助學習一技之長






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