Agriculture authorities on watch for invasion of fall armyworms (2019/06/11)
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    Agriculture authorities on watch for invasion of fall armyworms (2019/06/11)

    Agricultural authorities are on alert after Taiwan's first sighting of the fall armyworm, a bug that eats the leaves of maize, rice, and sorghum. The invasive insect was found last weekend in a field of corn in Miaoli. Agriculture officials have set up pheromone traps across Taiwan and are strengthening border quarantine to fight this unwelcome visitor.

    Miaoli agriculture officials pick through the field of forage maize. They pull apart the leaves carefully, searching for fall armyworms.

    Days earlier, it was confirmed that this field harbored Taiwan’s first fall armyworms. Officials went in quickly to destroy the affected crops to prevent insects from propagating. Taiwan’s inspections authority also sprang into action.

    Feng Hai-tung
    Council of Agriculture
    There are some key actions against fall armyworms. Of course, along the border at airports and harbors, we have already set up pheromone traps. In the case there are adult insects that enter through these means of transport, our airports and ports have all set up checkpoints.

    Fall armyworms originate from tropical and subtropical areas in America. They are listed as a pest by the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, and they can harm maize, rice and sorghum crops. Last year, the species spread to China, where it proliferated. Up until last weekend, Taiwan had been spared by the scourge.

    Huang Jin-cheng
    Council of Agriculture
    This insect can fly. It so happens that this season is when southwesterly winds blow toward Taiwan. So it’s very likely that during this period, they will be blown over from China to Taiwan by these wind currents.

    So far, farmers in Toucheng Township in Yilan and Chiayi’s Yichu Township have reported signs of the pest in their cornfields. Authorities are verifying samples and taking countermeasures to keep the fall armyworm from sweeping the nation.

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