Whiskered terns wintering in Tainan (2011/01/03)
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    Whiskered terns wintering in Tainan (2011/01/03)

    Winter is the time for visits from migratory birds. Tainan’s Beimen lagoon has become a habitat for whiskered terns in the tens of thousands. Around dusk, the terns perform spectacularly coordinated mid-air maneuvers that are very worth seeing.

    Tens of thousands of whiskered terns congregate in mid-air. On the direction of their leader, the flock dives from a great height at speed.

    The whiskered terns are transformed into high-speed jet fighters, skimming over the sea, rolling and circling over the water’s surface.

    Huang Jui-hsing
    Whiskered Tern Expert
    A particular trait of whiskered terns is their propensity to perform various mid-air maneuvers in spirals, sprays, or tornado and funnel-shaped formations. Once they descend over the lagoon, they often somersault in the air. They do this for ten to twenty minutes before resting on oyster frames.

    The whiskered terns have been traveling south since mid September, and will spend the winter in flocks around Tainan’s Beimen district. Numbers have now reached approximately 30,000 making this a natural spectacle well worth visiting to observe in person.

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