Petrochemical plant continues to plead its case despite environmental concerns (2011/04/21)
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    Petrochemical plant continues to plead its case despite environmental concerns (2011/04/21)

    The Kuokuang petrochemical plant is undergoing its 5th and final environmental impact assessment review. Both supporters and those who oppose the project expressed their views. Supporters say it is an important part of Taiwan’s future economic development while others say the health risk and environmental impact are simply too great.

    The 5th Environmental Impact Assessment review for a petrochemical industrial park project pitted supporters and protesters in the public meeting. Those supporting the project say it is vital for Taiwan’s continued economic development. Detractors warned of the environmental and health concerns. A local medical union presented data opposing the project.

    Yeh Guang-Peng
    Changhua Medical Union Rep
    We have already entered an era where the suspended particles in the air are around PM2.5, requiring special control. There hasn’t been a single day when the air quality level reaches a green indicator (safe levels) as each day warrants a yellow or higher rating.

    Due to this pressure, Kuokuang’s Chairman offered four major concessions.

    Chen Bao-lang
    Kuo Kuang Chairman
    I have repeatedly stressed that we will not pump groundwater and we are willing to participate in conservation activity for the Sousa chinensis white dolphin. We will take care of local people in Changhua, giving them good job opportunities. As for the amount of carbon dioxide released, we will make a significant drop to a level of 6.28 million tons.

    Although this particular review meeting has yet to conclude, the EIA committee expected to conclude expert testimony on Thursday and convene a closed door meeting on Friday with a decision released before noon.
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