DPP attacks Ma Ying-jeou over Fubon Bank’s acquisition of Taipei Bank (2011/12/20)
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    DPP attacks Ma Ying-jeou over Fubon Bank’s acquisition of Taipei Bank (2011/12/20)

    The DPP is striking back at Ma Ying-jeou, citing a double standard over the use of confidential documents. The DPP presented evidence that they say shows Ma mishandled documents associated with Fubon Bank’s acquisition of Taipei Bank.

    The DPP displayed confidential documents from 2002 which the Bank of Taipei submitted to the Taipei City government’s Bureau of Finance. The classified document brought to light the KMT’s use of similar confidential documents associated with the ongoing Yu Chang Biologics case. The DPP used it as an example of the KMT of operating under different set of standards.

    Chuang Ruei-hsiung
    DPP Spokesman
    On August 7, these highly confidential Taipei Bank documents were given to the Taipei City government. On August 8, Taipei City government quickly produced a similar public document, raising the question that President Ma may be operating under a double standard.

    KMT spokesman Hung Hsiu-chu counter attacked saying a tit-for-tat slander suit would soon be levied.

    In addition, the DPP says that this is just the tip of the iceberg in the Fubon Bank case, as they believe that Ma may have undervalued Taipei Bank.

    Chien Yu-yan
    DPP Taipei City Councilor
    At that time, Taipei Bank had 44 branches in prime locations in Taipei. Why didn’t Mayor Ma do an evaluation of these assets? Instead, he used the then-current real estate value of these 44 branches?"

    Vice presidential candidate, Wu Den-yih, came to Ma’s defense, saying the acquisition of Taipei Bank by Fubon Bank was a success story. He added that it was done in the best interests of Taipei’s citizens and proved the value of larger banking organizations.

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