New Taipei Christmasland Concert Lineup revealed (2020/11/26)
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    New Taipei Christmasland Concert Lineup revealed (2020/11/26)

    This year, New Taipei's festive extravaganza, Christmasland is packed with more magic than ever. This 10th edition of the festival has a Disney theme, with everyone's most beloved cartoon characters making an appearance. Attractions and light shows featuring Disney princesses are sure to be a hit with revelers young and old at heart. The festivities also boast an outstanding concert lineup, with a weekend full of performances from top Taiwanese musicians. Stephany Yang reports from New Taipei's Banqiao.

    Children ride on the merry-go-round. They're dressed up as Disney characters such as Minnie, Mickey, Belle, and more. But this isn't Disneyland. It's New Taipei's annual Christmasland. Over the festival, the New Taipei City Plaza and a nearby park will be the stage for light shows and installations featuring Disney characters such as Peter Pan, Snow White, Dumbo, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Even in the afternoon, the festival grounds are full of people shopping and taking photos.

    The lighting is better in the afternoon, so we can take better photos of the kids.

    I'm Princess Belle. He's Mickey Mouse.

    It's not just children in fancy dress, some grown-ups joined the fun too, scouting the best places for a photo shoot.

    We wanted to come here during the day to take pictures. I want to take a photo with the Cheshire cat. That's why I dressed up as Alice.

    I think the atmosphere is just as good at night as it is in the afternoon. It doesn't make much of a difference if the lights are on or not.

    Stephany Yang
    Formosa News reporter
    New Taipei City's annual Christmasland has kicked off. Besides light shows, there will also be concerts by musicians such as Eric Chou and Hebe on Dec. 12 and 13.

    The festival also features a weekend packed with free concerts. On Dec. 12, MJ116, Hebe Tien, Jia Jia and many more will entertain crowds with their music. The next day, 9M88 and Eric Chou among others will take the stage.

    Eddie Chen
    MJ116 lead singer
    We will perform old songs. We will perform a perfect combination of all the songs that everyone likes.

    Hou Yu-ih
    New Taipei mayor
    New Taipei's Christmasland Festival has been running for 10 years, and it's very different this year. We have collaborated with Disney to bring joy to everyone. We have invited the best singers in the country to perform at this year's Superstar Christmas Concerts.

    The Christmas extravaganza features a total of 48 attractions, the most of any edition so far. Besides light show and concerts, there will also be a Christmas market with stalls for visitors to buy food and accessories. If you want a touch of festive magic, head over to New Taipei's Banqiao before Jan. 3.
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    2020新北歡樂耶誕城登場 演出陣容超吸睛


    騎著旋轉木馬, 孩子們扮成各種迪士尼角色,像是米妮、米奇,還有貝兒公主,但這裡可不是迪士尼樂園,而是一年一度的新北歡樂耶誕城。在活動期間,新北市民廣場,和鄰近的公園都布置了滿滿的主題燈飾,包括彼得潘、白雪公主、小飛象,還有愛麗絲夢遊仙境等。即使天還沒黑,民眾也早早來到這裡拍照、購物。






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