Chinese exchange student seeks asylum after criticizing Xi Jinping in livestream (2019/03/14)
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    Chinese exchange student seeks asylum after criticizing Xi Jinping in livestream (2019/03/14)

    Earlier this week a Chinese exchange student in Taiwan caused a stir by posting a livestream of himself criticizing Xi Jinping. Today the student said he is seeking asylum in Taiwan, for fear of facing political reprisal back in China. In response to his request, the Mainland Affairs Office said that human rights are universal. Officials said they would conduct a thorough and humane review of his case.

    Chinese exchange student Li Jiabao’s live broadcast from Taiwan had caused quite a stir. He had spoken out sharply against Chinese President Xi Jinping for abolishing presidential term limits.

    Li Jiabao
    Chinese exchange student
    I saw content about the June Fourth Incident at Tiananmen. I saw the string of crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party since the founding of the nation. It was very shocking. Everything the party had taught us in school, it was all lies.

    The web beyond censorship led Li to see the world through different eyes. He said he hoped that the spirit of democracy would spread in China.

    Li Jiabao
    Chinese exchange student
    Basically, Taiwan is too free. Everyone has the freedom to express an opinion. But under the oppressive Chinese administration, you can only ever proclaim “long live Xi Jinping.”

    The contents of Li’s livestream are a major taboo in China. Today he said he wanted to avoid “disappearing” when he goes home, and so he is seeking asylum in Taiwan.

    Li Jiabao
    Chinese exchange student
    I urge Taiwan’s government to establish a refugee law as soon as possible.

    The Mainland Affairs Council has responded, saying Taiwan has no system for refugees yet but that human rights are universal. The council said it would handle the student’s request with due consideration to international convention, domestic laws, precedents, and human rights.

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    中生直播反習求庇護 陸委會:人權層面處理



    [[嘉南藥理大學 中國籍學生 李家寶]]


    [[嘉南藥理大學中國籍學生 李家寶]]


    [[嘉南藥理大學中國籍學生 李家寶]]

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