Su Tseng-chang to lead new Cabinet with Chen Chi-mai as deputy (2019/01/11)
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    Su Tseng-chang to lead new Cabinet with Chen Chi-mai as deputy (2019/01/11)

    Right after Lai Ching-te's resignation, President Tsai Ing-wen announced that Lai would be replaced by Su Tseng-chang, who lost his New Taipei mayoral bid in November. President Tsai had high praise for Su's credentials, which include a term as DPP chairman and serving as premier for former president Chen Shui-bian.

    Soon after Lai's resignation, President Tsai unveiled her next pick for premier.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    I have decided to invite former premier Su Tseng-chang to take over the work of leading the Cabinet. He has three strengths. The first is experience. The second is drive. The third is effective execution.

    Su Tseng-chang
    I thank President Tsai for giving me this opportunity. I will lead this team in rolling up our sleeves, responding to public opinion, and getting in sync with the people.

    Tsai and Su's show of unity won the applause of pan-green lawmakers.

    Tsai Chi-chang
    Deputy legislative speaker
    Former premier Su - everyone knows that he is very hands-on. He has views on many matters. At this time, President Tsai has many matters to deal and is still looking for a direction. I think that former premier Su is the best compass for her.

    But the new Cabinet has drawn criticism for recruiting the DPP's losing candidates in the Nov. 24 elections. There's Su at the helm. His deputy is defeated Kaohsiung candidate Chen Chi-mai, and his transport minister is Lin Chia-lung, who lost the race in Taichung. The pan-blue camp complains that the Cabinet is a team of losers.

    Lai Shyh-bao
    KMT lawmaker
    The worse they did in the election, the higher they've risen. Su lost by 290,000 votes and he will be the premier. Lin Chia-lung has also climbed the ranks, and Chen Chi-mai is to become the vice premier. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the DPP's Losers Alliance.

    Wu Szu-yao
    DPP lawmaker
    Elections come and go. There were good candidates snubbed in the latest elections. It cannot be denied that some of the unsuccessful candidates in the mayoral race have very strong capabilities in politics and policy-making.

    There's only a year left until the presidential elections. For President Tsai, 2019 will be a test for whether she can win approval with a new Cabinet and shore up support for a second term.

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