Chiayi to take ‘night patrol’ folk rite on Japan tour (2019/06/11)
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    Chiayi to take ‘night patrol’ folk rite on Japan tour (2019/06/11)

    Every summer, hundreds in Chiayi City take part in a "night patrol" parade wearing ancient punishment devices made of paper. It's a tradition that marks the end of Ghost Month, and it's a big tourist draw, attracting curious visitors from far and wide.
    M: This year, the Chiayi City government is taking the festival on tour in Japan to promote tourism and peculiar local customs.

    People wear paper cangues as they walk in the parade. Every year, Chiayi’s 300-year-old City God Temple closes the gates to the underworld at the end of Ghost Month. The City God inside then goes on a “night patrol.” He is followed by a parade of worshippers wearing ancient torture devices to symbolize redemption after evil deeds and to ward off calamity.

    The parade began during the Japanese colonial period, and it’s attracted many a Japanese tourist to Chiayi. The Chiayi City government will soon take this night patrol overseas. In mid-June, the mayor will lead marchers on a promotional tour in Japan.

    Huang Min-hui
    Chiayi mayor
    Religious festival tourism will bring in bigger crowds. We want to help Japanese tourists take a liking to Taiwan, and to become more keen on coming to Chiayi.

    Lai Yung-chuan
    Chiayi City God Temple chairman
    The night patrol brings peace to the citizens. It blesses them wherever they may roam.

    The festival is featured in this promotional animation. There are also limited-edition cypress wood trinkets in the shape of a cangue to showcase Chiayi’s woodwork industry. It’s all part of the campaign to promote Chiayi’s sights and delicacies.

    Huang Min-hui
    Chiayi mayor
    Every spot is picture perfect, allowing influencers and internet celebrities to check in.
    In the future, we’ll get more entrepreneurs on board to help promote the beauty of Chiayi.

    Chiayi’s government is taking one of its most unique cultural assets abroad, in hopes that more visitors will come to Chiayi to take part in its intriguing folk rites.
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    嘉義提振國際觀光 赴東京推"戴夯枷"活動




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