President Tsai hands flag to Taiwan squad ahead of Asian Games (2018/08/10)
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    President Tsai hands flag to Taiwan squad ahead of Asian Games (2018/08/10)

    Taiwan is to send its largest sports delegation in history to the Asian Games, which start August 18 in Indonesia. Today at a grand ceremony, President Tsai Ing-wen gave Taiwan's Olympic flag to the Indonesia-bound athletes. She also gave them a special 300,000 NT stipend for their meals and expenses, as a token of the government's full support and good wishes in the upcoming games.

    President Tsai waves Taiwan’s Olympic flag before handing it over to the national team today in a ceremony. Taiwan’s athletes are preparing to head out to Jakarta and Palembang in Indonesia to compete in the Asian Games.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    When Kuo Hsing-chun lifted 142kg at the Universiade, the nation couldn’t help but feel they were clenching their fists and lifting with her. Whenever Tai Tzu-ying takes to the court, her self-confidence and focus are felt throughout the country. When she competes, you can’t change the channel because she’s simply too good. By the time you switch back to that channel, the match would likely be over.

    In the upcoming games, favorites for the gold include Queen of Badminton Tai Tzu-ying and Kuo Hsing-chun, who was spectacular last year at the Taipei Universiade. This year, Kuo has the honor of being the flag bearer at the Asian Games.

    Kuo Hsing-chun
    Asian Games flag bearer
    Flag bearers in the past have been very, very tall, but I’d be classified as diminutive. I’m like Taiwan -- very small on the map but brimming with strength.

    Tai Tzu-ying
    Badminton national team
    It looks like only Ma Lin won’t be participating. The other players are all quite strong. I feel like there is a chance to take gold, but it still won’t be easy.

    Including athletes, coaches, medical staff, chefs and nutritionists, there will be 815 people in the delegation – the most Taiwan has ever sent to the Asian Games.
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