Ex-president and family indicted on charges related to financial reform plan (2009/12/24)
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    Ex-president and family indicted on charges related to financial reform plan (2009/12/24)

    Prosecutors on Thursday handed down indictments against Chen Shui-bian and his family on money laundering and corruption charges. The indictments are related to the former president’s second round of financial reforms. Unlike a previous round of indictments and convictions on unrelated corruption charges, Chen’s daughter Chen Hsing-yu was not spared in the former first family’s latest legal problems

    Chen Yun-nan, chief of the Special Investigation Panel investigating the former first family, charged Chen and his wife with receiving NT$690 million in illegal income. Including Chen and his family members, 22 people were indicted.

    Chen Yun-nan
    Special Investigation Panel
    Former President Chen is suspected of violating the Punishment of Corruption Act by taking bribes in fulfilling his duties related to first the merger of Cathay Financial Holdings and United World Chinese Commercial Bank and second the merger of Yuan Ta Securities and Fuhwa Financial Holding. He is also being charged for a money laundering case related to placing money in the safety deposit box room at Cathay United Bank headquarters, says Chen Yun-nan.

    Prosecutors believe that in the Cathay Financial merger, Cathay Financial Chairman Tsai Hong-tu and others gave the former president NT$400 million in bribes. They also think Chen Shui-bian and his wife used their position to get NT$210 million from Yuanta Securities during its merger bid and said both sums are ill-gotten gains and should be confiscated. The former president’s daughter was indicted for allegedly using money from her father’s state affairs fund in buying a house.

    As part of the case related to the second round of financial reforms, prosecutors also indicted former Chinatrust Financial Chairman Jeffrey Koo, Jr. for violating Taiwan’s Banking Act. Koo is suspected of breach of trust in using Chinatrust subsidiaries to try to acquire a controlling share of rival Mega Holdings.

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    [[特偵組主任 陳雲南]]
    涉犯貪污治罪條例 職務上行為收受賄賂

    檢方指出國泰金控合併案時,董事長蔡宏圖等人,曾給扁家新台幣4億元,而元大證券合併案,陳水扁與吳淑珍也利用職務之便收2.1億元,兩項均屬貪污所得,皆應追繳沒收 ,而陳幸妤則是因為購屋時使用國務機要費遭到起訴。

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