Former MAC deputy chief suspected of leaking secrets to China (2014/08/21)
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    Former MAC deputy chief suspected of leaking secrets to China (2014/08/21)

    The controversial dismissal of former Mainland Affairs Council deputy chief Chang Hsien-yao has now turned into a possible spy case. The Investigation Bureau suspects that Chang was co-opted by China into giving it Taiwan’s bottom line in cross-strait negotiations and has formally launched an investigation into the matter.

    A member of the Investigation Bureau’s national security section arrived at the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, requesting an investigation into Chang Hsien-yao.

    Kuo Wen-tong
    Deputy Chief Prosecutor
    Information has yet to be provided. There was some information that was incomplete that they needed to provide.

    The Investigation Bureau was moving quickly because Mainland Affairs Council chief Wang Yu-chi suggested that Chang’s dismissal was related to a national security issue.

    Wang Yu-chi
    MAC Minister
    I told Chang Hsien-yao that I knew his family had some problems, so it pained me to discuss these matters at such a time. But I had no choice because someone had reported him on suspicion of leaking confidential information.

    Local media, citing unnamed sources, say that according to a preliminary investigation, Chang allegedly handed over five secret documents to Chinese officials during trips to China while serving as MAC deputy chief.

    They are said to have involved Taiwan’s bottom line in negotiations with China, its bottom line on a meeting between President Ma Ying-jeou and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and information on major cross-strait policies.
    If Chang really acted as a spy and is found guilty of offenses against the external security of the state, he could face a prison sentence of between three and 10 years.

    Trusted by President Ma Ying-jeou and given the authority to negotiate with China, Chang may now become the highest ranking official in Taiwan’s history to be guilty of spying.
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