President Tsai cuts ribbon for renovated dorm in Hsinchu (2019/09/10)
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    President Tsai cuts ribbon for renovated dorm in Hsinchu (2019/09/10)

    A renovated dormitory at a Hsinchu military base opened its doors to soldiers today. The facility had once featured shared sleeping quarters. It’s been converted into rows of spacious modern studios with partitioned bathrooms. This dorm renovation is the first of 48 projects in the Hsing-an case, which was ordered by President Tsai Ing-wen in 2017. The Tsai administration has announced plans for renovations at 62 bases across Taiwan.

    Drums, fanfare and a lion dance greet President Tsai at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a military dorm.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    Our Army Command Headquarters have set up a management center for the Hsing-an case. I asked the Ministry of National Defense to set up the Hsing-an construction case. Not only must we accelerate our efforts to improve our military dorms, we must also improve the living standards, so that after a hard day’s training you can have a good environment in which to rest up. We want to give you all the feeling of coming home.

    This dormitory built back in 1976 was completely refurbished. The shared sleeping quarters of old were transformed into two-person and four-person studios. On social media, the Ministry of National Defense featured the new home in a series of color sketches. The dorm is part of the Hsing-an case in Hsinchu.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    I am not only the commander in chief of the armed forces. I am also responsible for taking care of everyone. Everyone can rely on me for support. We have honored a commitment to our brothers and sisters in the military. I want to change the image that we all have of military dorms, so that people feel that the country is truly looking after its service members.

    The Hsing-an case has 48 projects. There will be renovations at 62 military bases in the years to come, to give some 50,000 officers and soldiers a more comfortable second home.

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    大通鋪變2.4人房! 蔡總統視導陸軍營區新大樓



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