Taiwan shares end below 10,000 points on Dow plunge (2018/10/11)
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    Taiwan shares end below 10,000 points on Dow plunge (2018/10/11)

    The Taiex suffered its worst single-day loss in history today, dropping by over 660 points, or 6%, to close below 10,000 points. Most Asian markets fell on Thursday following the Dow's disastrous 831-point tumble, but Taiwan was among the worst performers in the region. The central government says conditions for dipping into the National Stabilization Fund have not been met, but that the fund continues to be on standby. Meanwhile in the currency market, the Taiwan dollar also took a tumble to close at NT$31.105 against the greenback.

    Taiex started its slide within three minutes of the opening bell, sinking past the 10,000-point mark for the first time in 16 months.

    Many are at the limit down price. Many people are watching on the sidelines and they are not selling. I think they have their heads in the sand.

    Dragged by the Dow’s 831-point plunge, Taiex lost 660 points, or 6.31 percent, to end barely above 9,800 points in its worst single-day loss in history. Electronics heavyweight Largan Precision hit limit-down, and TSMC fell by 7.26%.

    Allen Chu
    We’ve lost the last thing we’d been holding onto, the 10,000-point mark. Now we don’t even have the 9,900-point mark. I feel that the situation is very bad.

    NT$42 billion were poured into the stock market from state funds including the new labor pension system, the old system, and the labor insurance fund. But the National Stabilization Fund made no moves to prop up share price.

    Frank Juan
    National Stabilization Fund Executive Secretary
    The National Stabilization Fund will monitor the situation closely. Basically it depends on whether the market conditions meet the eligibility requirements. The fund’s statute identifies certain conditions, such as the large-scale movement of capital or an irrational market plunge.

    Meanwhile on the currency market, there was more bad news as the Taiwan dollar continued to weaken against the greenback to close at NT$31.105.
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    台股一瀉千里 勉強守住9,800點





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