Ceremonies held to commemorate 228 Incident victims (2014/02/28)
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    Ceremonies held to commemorate 228 Incident victims (2014/02/28)

    Today was the 67th anniversary of the 228 Incident. On this day in 1947, KMT troops cracked down on protests of the party’s heavy-handed rule over Taiwan. In the following month, they proceeded to kill and arrest thousands of people to quell dissent. President Ma Ying-jeou appeared at ceremonies in Hualien and Taipei to remember the victims of the historical tragedy, while opposition party members marched in the capital.

    Sixty-seven years ago a dispute over smuggled cigarettes sparked widespread anti-government protests. The Taiwan Nation Alliance chose to hold its memorial for the 228 Incident at the place where this dispute occurred, the location of the old Tianma teahouse at Taipei’s Nanjing West Road. In attendance were DPP figures.

    Su Tseng-chang
    DPP Chairman
    We will uphold the principles of freedom and democracy. Only then can we prevent another event like the 228 Incident from occurring. Only then can we be worthy of the martyrs who came before us, their families and future generations.

    Participants began a march toward the 228 Memorial Park at 2:28 in the afternoon. They left flowers and listened to words from former DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    Former DPP Chairwoman
    We must uncover the truth. Only then can we know the historic mistakes we made so we don’t repeat these same mistakes.

    President Ma attended a central government memorial event in Hualien in the morning then went to another in the afternoon held by the Taipei City government. Outside the event protesters demonstrated against the KMT administration. Inside, Ma claimed nothing would be off limits in efforts to learn the full truth of what occurred.
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