Poinsettia market gearing up for a cheerful Christmas season (2020/11/26)
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    Poinsettia market gearing up for a cheerful Christmas season (2020/11/26)

    Viewers who grew up with Christmas trees that dropped needles on the floor might be getting nostalgic as we head into December. But pine trees are not exactly an option here in Taiwan. Why not go for a cheerful poinsettia instead? This beautiful red-leaved plant says "Christmas" all over it.

    When poinsettias start blooming, Christmas is almost here. There's the traditional variety, or this peili with its pink maple-like leaves, and the variegated Fire and Ice. Flower growers are working hard to develop new varieties. This cutesy round-leaved fellow is the Mickey Mouse. The eyecatching Princess is rare but much-loved.

    Members of public
    I use them at home and also to decorate my shop. So I came to buy them early.

    Mr. Wei
    Taipei Flower Market stallholder
    Starting around early November, we gradually get more and more customers coming in for poinsettias. We expect it to pick up quite a lot next week, around the start of December.

    The biggest poinsettia market is for decorating business venues and restaurants. Taipei Flower Market expects the peak season to be the week before Christmas. With few big storms this year, supply is stable.

    Hung Tzu-chieh
    Taipei Flower Market
    We haven't had too many damaging storms across Taiwan, so the poinsettia supply looks adequate. In total there are more than 1.22 million pots, just 1% less than the 1.24 million we had last year. So because the supply is fine, the price won't see a big change.

    But poinsettias are not just for commercial venues. If you'd like to bring a little Christmas cheer into your home, why not head down to the flower market yourself.

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    耶誕紅買氣現 台北花市估12月中旬最旺




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