Taiwan News Briefs (2017/04/21)
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  • NPP criticizes DPP for delaying review of Referendum Act amendment
  • Pan-blue camp slams Tsai administration’s infrastructure plan as vote-buying gimmick
  • Kaohsiung MRT Wins Big
  • Penghu Fireworks Festival
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    Taiwan News Briefs (2017/04/21)

    Updated Driver’s License Test
    Starting in May, those testing for a driver's license will not only have to pass a closed-course road test, but will also be required to head out into real traffic to get a license. Many training schools are worried they may need to lengthen their classes and charge more while also bearing responsibility for accidents in the real road tests, in response to which the Directorate General of Highways said it would review the changes after a three-month trial period.

    Book Street’s New Lease on Life
    With more than 300 bookstores during its golden era, Chongqing South Road in Taipei is known as “Book Street,” But because of competition from online bookstores, business on the street is down significantly from where it was before. To survive, local businesses have been organizing activities featuring live bands and adorable bear mascots to attract crowds and boost sales.

    New Michelin Restaurant in Town
    Aiming to capture a part of Taiwan’s growing fine dining market, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, a Michelin-starred restaurant that started as a humble food stall in Singapore, is opening its first overseas location in Taipei, where it’s hoping that the nation’s cost-conscious gourmets will lap up its economically priced street food style offerings.
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