Kaohsiung gets out to enjoy water sports on Love River (2020/11/26)
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    Kaohsiung gets out to enjoy water sports on Love River (2020/11/26)

    Kaohsiung’s Love River belongs to the people. That’s the message of the city government’s new campaign to get everyone out enjoying leisure sports on the water. Simply by registering for free online, you’re all good to go out and enjoy the water to your heart’s content. If you need to rent equipment, that’s taken care of too.

    Tsai Yueh-ta
    Water sports enthusiast
    See how light it is. So light, I can hold it in one hand. When the wind blows, we just put the sail downwind and press down on the board, and we’re away.

    Water sports enthusiast Tsai Yueh-ta shows off a new windsurfing sail and the best new standup paddle-boarding tricks. He’s come to Kaohsiung specially to check out how strong the winter winds are on Love River.

    The city government wants more people to get out and enjoy the water, whether through rowing, canoeing or windsurfing. Its new campaign, “Giving the River Back to the People,” lets citizens go out on the river for free with their own gear.

    Chen I-fang
    Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau
    You don’t have to apply in advance, or pay. We encourage everyone to get closer to Love River.

    Tsai Yueh-ta
    Water sports enthusiast
    I think Love River is extremely safe – see how calm its waters are? Because there are no waves or tides. I think it’s really precious that they’ve made an initial water sports demo area here.

    There’s even a Love River Water Party planned for Saturday, where you can try out various marine activities. Over 700 people registered as soon as the news landed. If you’ve missed this chance, you can register to go out on the water online, or in person at the popup shop.

    Prof. Kao Hsing-i
    Marine Leisure Management, NKMU
    There’s a popup shop here where the public can come and rent boards for the water. You must make sure you’re prepared and you’ve got appropriate safety equipment.

    A free outing on the water is certainly a lovely prospect. This winter, Kaohsiung’s the spot for a relaxed but active holiday by the sea.

    中文 Chinese  

    愛河不再只是愛河,這條高雄重要地標之河,市府說要還河於民,只要上網申請,掃QR code實名登記,自備浮具,就可以下水遊憩,愛怎麼玩就怎麼玩,還在六合截流站設置專業載具快閃店,民眾可租SUP浮板、無動力獨木舟等等;消息一曝光,馬上就有玩家到愛河遊玩。

    [[水上活動玩家 蔡岳達]]



    [[高雄市觀光局主祕 陳依芳]]

    [[水上活動玩家 蔡岳達]]

    市府預訂週六舉辦愛河親水派對,讓民眾到愛河體驗水上活動,消息一曝光,馬上吸引七百多人報名參與,即使錯過這次機會,也可以上網申請掃QR code實名制登記,或到設在六合截流站的快閃店報名。

    [[高科大海洋休閒管理系副教授 高興一]]

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