Kaohsiung train line to add 7 underground stations on Sunday (2018/10/11)
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    Kaohsiung train line to add 7 underground stations on Sunday (2018/10/11)

    Kaohsiung's underground railway project is in its final stages and will start service on Sunday. Ten years in the making, this NT$100 billion-dollar project adds seven below-ground stations to Kaohsiung's rail network. The Taiwan Railways Administration says that train timetables will be adjusted for the new stations, so passengers should check for changes in the coming days.

    New structures flanked by beautiful belts of green space. Kaohsiung's new underground railway has refreshed the landscape of downtown Zuoying.

    Lee Kun-tse
    DPP lawmaker
    Those screens are the same as the ones on the MRT. They'll tell you this is Kaohsiung Station and that the next stop is Minzu Station. This is the newest type of train car, called the EMU800.

    The underground rail line took a decade to build, and it adds seven stops between Zuoying and Fengshan. All-new express cars will stop at Neiwei, Fine Arts Museum, Gushan, Sankuaicuo, Minzu, National Science and Technology Museum, and Zhengyi, covering a distance of 15.37 kilometers.

    Wu Hong-mou
    Transportation Minister
    A crucial matter to sort out is the shuttle pick-ups and parking situation above-ground. We will continue to work on it in the future.

    The TRA reminds passengers to check their train schedule for changes before heading out to the station.

    Chen Yu-mou
    TRA Operations Department
    We are strengthening the so-called express link, which includes the Tze-chiang and the Chu Kuang trains. We are also adding local express trains, taking the fleet from the original 80 to 100.

    On opening day this Sunday, the TRA will issue commemorative train tickets to passengers of the underground rail. All TRA souvenirs will be offered at a discount as the railways administration marks a new chapter in Kaohsiung.
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    高雄鐵路地下化 新增7站周日正式上路



    [[立法委員 李昆澤]]


    [[交通部長 吳宏謀]]
    “非常重要的是地面上,將要怎樣做 後續接駁停車等等,這個我們未來都會持續做加強。”


    [[台鐵運務處副處長 陳裕謀]]

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