WirForce, Asia’s largest e-sports festival, opens in Taipei (2018/12/06)
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    WirForce, Asia’s largest e-sports festival, opens in Taipei (2018/12/06)

    WirForce2018, the biggest eSports festival in Asia, has opened in Taiwan. Thousands of gamers from all over the globe are facing off in three main competitions, and they're being covered by the world's top internet influencers and live-streamers. This year, Formosa TV is on the scene, providing professional training to live-streamers and running its own live broadcast of the four-day festival.

    The president of Chungwa Telecom and Formosa TV President Wang Ming-yu were among those present at the opening ceremony of WirForce2018, the largest esports festival in Asia.

    Hsieh Chi-mau
    Chunghwa Telecom president
    Chunghwa Telecom is providing a high-quality networking system and professional services to ensure the quality of the players’ networking experience.

    Wang Ming-yu
    FTV president
    This is the fifth edition of the WirForce competition. This time, we are broadcasting it live on FTV. You can watch it on channel 151, and you can also view the event online.

    Over 100,000 people attended WirForce last year, and the event racked up more than 1.2 million views online. This year, there will be three main competitions over four days. Around 200 live-streamers and influencers will be covering the event during the 80 non-stop hours of gaming.

    Wang Ming-yu
    FTV president
    These influencers and live-streamers are very talented, although they don’t have formal training as anchors. We have already started training them.

    The output value of esports is forecast at US$137.9 billion a year. FTV is taking aim at the market with a live broadcast of some of this year’s most exciting esports battles.

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    亞洲最大電競嘉年華登場 民視全程直播


    中華電信總經理、民視總經理王明玉,以及各界長官排排站,為亞洲最大電競嘉年華 WirForce2018,揭開序幕。

    [[中華電信總經理 謝繼茂]]

    [[民視總經理 王明玉]]


    [[民視總經理 王明玉]]


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