Taipei councilor proposes six types of public transit pass (2018/11/08)
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    Taipei councilor proposes six types of public transit pass (2018/11/08)

    With the 3-in-1 "All Pass Ticket," riders get access to the MRT, city buses, and YouBikes for NT$1,280 a month. But since it was introduced this spring, the pass hasn't proven as popular as expected, and there are reports that it could be canceled. Today Taipei City Councilor Ho Chih-wei said he was working to save the "All Pass Ticket" and to offer five other variations to meet the needs of more riders.

    For just NT$1,280 a month, you get unlimited access to the metro, buses, and YouBikes in Taipei and New Taipei. Subsidies for this program have already cost the Taipei City Government NT$330 million over the last six months, but it's failed to substantially bring up total ridership. Taipei councilors had previously called for canceling the pass if ridership goals weren't met. Today City Councilor Ho Chih-we, who had proposed the monthly pass, called for keeping the pass while diversifying the options available.

    Ho Chih-wei
    DPP City Councilor
    Today we submitted a proposal to offer more varied passes. In the past, the pass gave access to three forms of transport. In the future, they could give access to just two, or only one. That would make the monthly passes more affordable.

    Wang Yin-chu
    Taipei Department of Transportation official
    These proposals are under consideration. Right now, we are gathering information. We expect to roll out new passes next year.

    The Department of Transportation states that the number of monthly passes issued rose from 180,000 cards in April to 280,000 in October. As habits slowly change and more and more people use public transport, transport authorities plan to offer more options next year to meet demand.
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    1280定期票使用低不取消 改推六方案吸客



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