Lost EasyCards line MRT coffers, but running lost and found service still loses money (2020/09/15)
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    Lost EasyCards line MRT coffers, but running lost and found service still loses money (2020/09/15)

    The ubiquitous EasyCard is a staple in the purse of every Taipei denizen. But they're easy to lose track of. Have you ever wondered what happens to lost cards that aren't collected? City councilors have recently cast aspersions on the Taipei Metro authority for recouping the money left on unclaimed cards. But MRT officials say the cost of running the lost and found service is greater than the compensation drawn in through recycling lost cards.

    Every day 2 million journeys are taken on the Taipei Metro, and on average, 180 EasyCards are handed in to station officials. They’re so easy to use and easy to lose.

    They’re usually dropped when people try to put them back in their pockets after passing through the gates, or left at the charging machines after topping up. In 2018, the MRT collected 660,000 lost cards, and in 2019, 570,000. Each year, more than 300,000 were not registered or collected by their owners, meaning more than NT$5 million went straight back into the MRT’s revenue.

    Member of the public
    That’s a lot! Because you really don’t realize you’re dropping it, and it drops silently. At least they first tell you to come and pick it up.

    Member of the public
    They should use it to give some discounts. Because we’re all on here every day, paying our dues.

    More than 80% of MRT riders have not registered their EasyCard. Metro authorities publish records of all cards found, and keep them for six months before recouping the money left on unclaimed cards. Some city councilors have insinuated that it’s a form of corruption, an MRT “secret stash.”

    Voice of Ling Chi-yao
    Taipei Metro Customer Service Center
    All our procedures are carried out in accordance with civic laws and the relevant legislation. The running costs of the lost and found office, which includes the warehouse, the staff costs, and so on, cost us more than the money that we recoup. It is a service for our passengers. So a phrase like “secret stash” is completely unfair to our hardworking colleagues.

    MRT officials roundly dismissed the accusations. The Taiwan Railways Administration operates in the same way. Regular passengers are urged to be vigilant about their cards and collect them if lost, unless they want to give the transport authorities an unexpected bonus.
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    近6萬張悠遊卡無人領 北捷意外「撿」到500多萬







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