Precious cargo: Taipei preparing two pangolins for new home in Prague (2020/09/16)
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    Precious cargo: Taipei preparing two pangolins for new home in Prague (2020/09/16)

    Pangolins are a scaly-skinned mammal that's been hunted to the brink of extinction worldwide. Taiwan, through years of immense effort, has become a haven for the Chinese pangolin. Our reporter Stephany Yang swings by Taipei Zoo to meet one of the world's most famous pangolins, plus two that are bound for the city of Prague.

    This is Chiung Wu , Taipei Zoo's best-known pangolin. Born in 2014, she had to be fed by hand at the zoo. She is the first pangolin in the world to be born in captivity and to later have a baby of her own.

    At the moment, Taipei Zoo has 14 pangolins in its care. Eight were bred in the zoo. Six are pangolins rescued from the wild.

    Eric Tsao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    Currently we have 14 individual Chinese pangolins in our care. But usually through the wildlife rescue program, we will receive more than 20 individuals from the wild. Usually, almost 50% of them, after treatment or healthcare, can reach recovery. So this individual can be released back into the wild hopefully near their original spot that they were discovered by the other colleague.

    As part of an animal exchange agreement, two of Taipei Zoo’s pangolins will be leaving for the Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic. The two zoos have worked together before, such as on a conservation project for the endangered Przewalski's horse.

    Eric Tsao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    We work together on different projects of endangered species already. The only difference is that now, they also have the willingness to participate in the Chinese pangolin conservation project.

    One of the pangolins bound for Prague is Cough Drop, or Jun Hou Tang , who was bred at Taipei Zoo. At nearly three years old, she’s just reached the age of sexual maturity. The other is Kuo Pao, a healthy male born on April 9 of this year. They will be heading to Prague Zoo’s state-of-the-art Indonesian Jungle.

    Eric Tsao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    They do have a unique facility called Indonesia jungle. The reason for that is that, Prague Zoo already spent huge efforts to save some endangered spaces even in Southeast Asian regions. They have to build this building to provide the adjustable air temperature or humidity. This indoor facility is good for not just Chinese pangolins. They have successful breeding for even Komodo Dragon.

    Paving the way for the pangolins is a big undertaking. For Taipei, a mountain of paperwork is required to ship them, as Chinese pangolins are critically endangered. For Prague, prep work is underway to secure a steady food supply. Wild pangolins eat termites and ants, but Taipei Zoo’s pangolins feast on a special diet that includes honeybee pupae and breadworms to provide chitin.

    Eric Tsao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    You have to plant in advance like in Prague, probably it will be hard to get the honey bee pupae during the wintertime. They have to find the storage first to guarantee that Chinese pangolin will not starve during the wintertime.

    Since Prague’s climate is very different from Taipei’s, Prague Zoo plans to build a cave to give the pangolins a cozy home.

    Eric Tsao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    Even the Indonesian Jungle seems good to Chinese Pangolins, but still the Chinese pangolin needs extra design. For example, usually our conservation corridor we have an artificial cave. The cave provides special heating facility to make sure inside that area will have appropriate air temperature to keep the Chinese pangolin healthy.

    According to spokesman Eric Tsao, Prague Zoo has hired an architect ahead of the pangolins’ arrival. Prague will send a blueprint of its pangolin holding area to Taipei Zoo, which will approve or give suggestions before construction begins.
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