Winbond announces plan to invest NT$335 billion in 12-inch wafer plant in Kaohsiung Science Park (2017/09/26)
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    Winbond announces plan to invest NT$335 billion in 12-inch wafer plant in Kaohsiung Science Park (2017/09/26)

    Though it’s still waiting to conclude a blockbuster deal with TSMC, Kaohsiung looks set to welcome DRAM chip-maker Winbond Electronics, which has announced plans to invest NT$335 billion toward a new plant in the southern city. Construction of the plant is estimated to begin in July of next year, with volume production expected in 2020.

    Dynamic random access memory chip manufacturer Winbond Electronics has announced plans to build a 12-inch wafer manufacturing plant in the Kaohsiung section of the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

    Arthur Chao
    Winbond Electronics Chairman
    We’ll start by making DRAM wafers first. After working for many years, we’ve developed our own technology for manufacturing DRAM. I estimate by 2020, when the facility is expected to go into operation, we will be using a 25 to 20-nanometer process for mass production.

    Chen Liang-gee
    Science and Technology Minister
    This may be only on the technological front, but the project will have a broader effect, creating a number of related jobs in technical support about four to five times (that at the factory alone).

    Winbond expects to invest NT$335 billion in the project, and plans to begin commercial production there by 2020, which will require 2,500 or so high-skilled workers.

    Chen Chu
    Kaohsiung Mayor
    For us, this project is a dream come true. We’re currently in the midst of preparatory work, and will break ground in July of next year.

    If all goes well, Winbond’s wafer plant will go down in the record books as the biggest investment project in the history of Kaohsiung’s electronics industry.
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    華邦電投資12吋晶圓廠 落腳南科高雄園區



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