Spring term starts for public schools at high-school level (2021/02/22)
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    Spring term starts for public schools at high-school level (2021/02/22)

    Spring term began on Monday for public schools at the high school level and below. The return to class came four days later than originally scheduled, to allow for campus disinfection.

    Yin: In major cities, local officials were spotted at schools as they inspected COVID mitigation measures and helped students kick off a new semester.

    To kick off the new school term, Taipei Deputy Mayors Huang Shan-shan and Tsai Ping-kun headed to Jilin Elementary School, where they danced along with students to a song about hand-washing. Over at Dajia Elementary, kids also welcomed the new term by moving to the beat.

    Taipei's 285 public schools have been allocated one term's worth of epidemic prevention supplies. They include over 4.2 million facemasks and more than 35,000 bottles of disinfectant, as well as forehead and ear thermometers.

    Huang Shan-shan
    Taipei deputy mayor
    Supplies are plentiful this year. We have about half a year to a year's worth of reserves. What we are preparing now is vaccination protocols. We're making arrangements with schools.

    Over in Taichung, teachers were fully prepared as pupils filed in. Schools held their start-of-term ceremonies via video or PA system.

    Lu Shiow-yen
    Taichung mayor
    It looks like all the SOPs in place conform with the law. But we can't let our guard down as we're fighting this epidemic. Over these first days of class, I'll have to ask everyone to take extra care to wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and enforce temperature checks.

    In Kaohsiung, Mayor Chen Chi-mai headed to Sanmin Senior High School to inspect its epidemic prevention work. He also delivered some good news. This April, the city will open a new activity center so kids can have some fun in between studying.

    Chen Chi-mai
    Kaohsiung mayor
    At the exit of the Central Park MRT Station will be a five-star activity center. Street dancing, group dancing… any activity you want can be done there for free. The center also provides top-tier five-star services.

    Spring semester was scheduled to start on Feb. 18 for schools at the high level and below, but the opening was delayed to Monday amid coronavirus concerns. The Ministry of Education is asking schools to continue raising awareness of hygiene practices and to enforce fever screenings for students. In addition, real-name registration is required for all campus visitors.

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    中小學開學了! 黃珊珊跳"洗手舞"宣導防疫守則




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