Lai Ching-te leads Cabinet in mass resignation (2019/01/11)
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    Lai Ching-te leads Cabinet in mass resignation (2019/01/11)

    Premier Lai Ching-te led his Cabinet in resigning en masse today to make way for a team of new ministers. Addressing his Cabinet for the last time, Lai said he was leaving to take responsibility for the DPP's electoral defeat last November. The 59-year-old politician also hinted that his political journey was far from over.

    On his last day in office, Premier Lai appeared calm as he presided over a provisional meeting. The Cabinet resigned en masse today along with the premier.

    Lai Ching-te
    At last year's nine-in-one elections held on Nov. 24, the ruling DPP met great failure. President Tsai Ing-wen has already resigned from her position as party chairwoman, but this has not been enough to appease public anger. As the head of the nation's Executive Yuan, I cannot escape censure. To shoulder the blame for the ruling party's loss in the elections, it is imperative that I resign to show that I take responsibility.

    As the meeting came to a close, the premier and Cabinet members gathered for a photo, as per tradition. Lai bid farewell to his Cabinet for the last time, stepped into a waiting van and left the Executive Yuan. But it might not be the end of the road for Lai's political career.

    Lai Ching-te
    It is here that we met, and here that we part ways. If it is fate, we will meet again in a stronger Taiwan.

    Lai Ching-te, who turns 60 this October, is expected to keep a low profile for a while. But for next year's presidential elections, he remains the candidate of choice for many in the pan-green camp, either for president or Tsai Ing-wen's running mate.

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