Long haul operators add new motor coaches to accommodate holiday demand (2013/09/17)
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    Long haul operators add new motor coaches to accommodate holiday demand (2013/09/17)

    The arrival of the four-day Mid-Autumn holiday will lead to a surge in passenger traffic. Long haul bus operators have increased vehicles in their fleets to accommodate peak demand.

    There is a long line of people waiting to purchase tickets for the upcoming four-day Mid-Autumn Festival. One long-haul bus operator, Kuo Kuang, even bought new coaches.

    These new buses are outfitted with comfortable leather reclining chairs. They are put on display to attract more passengers. Kuo Kuang’s fleet has risen from 1,200 coaches to 1,272.

    Voice of: Kuo Kuang Manager
    (Over the holiday) we expect to increase the number of coaches on each route by 20 to 25 percent. We will add buses as the need arises. Originally we had around 1,000 buses, and when you add the tour buses that we rented our fleet will probably rise to 1,300.

    Capital Bus is also planning to boost its service. It will add 30 tour buses to its fleet of 100, as it tries to take advantage of additional demand over the Mid-Autumn Festival.
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