Kaohsiung MRT Wins Big (2017/04/21)
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    Kaohsiung MRT Wins Big (2017/04/21)

    President Tsai Ing-wen was in Kaohsiung today, where she rode the city's new light rail and announced that the Kaohsiung MRT's planned yellow line would be included in her administration's infrastructure development plan.

    The MRT's planned yellow line would run from Kaohsiung Port Terminal through some of the city's most densely populated districts, including Niaosong, Fengshan and Wuchia, which are home to over 1 million residents. Kaohsiung has emerged as the biggest winner in the government's infrastructure plan, winning NT$175.8 billion in funding for building the yellow line and an extension of the city's red line to Luchu.
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