Tainan prosecutors uncover corruption in road construction) (2010/09/02)
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    Tainan prosecutors uncover corruption in road construction) (2010/09/02)

    Prosecutors in Tainan have uncovered large scale road construction corruption. After several months of investigation, the Tainan District Prosecutors Office found that many private laboratories commissioned by local governments to inspect the quality of highways issued false certificates for shoddy work in return for rewards from contractors.

    Prosecutors raided nine locations including one asphalt contractor where they found a number of unmarked road samples.

    Voice of Tainan District Prosecutor
    We discovered pre-prepared samples of good asphalt. After testing, it was found that these samples all reach accepted standards. The contractor prepared them to replace samples for submission.

    At the same time, also raided was a number of laboratories responsible for testing road samples where a number of cement truck files were discovered. The prosecutors believe these contain evidence of collusion between the labs and contractors to switch samples so as to hide the use of substandard materials.

    Lin Jhih-feng
    Tainan District Prosecutors Office
    The laboratories are probably facing competition. Recently, making a living has been difficult. So, they began this exchange of interests with the contractors. Some lab employees were even treated to sexual favors.

    One of the labs to come under suspicion is run by National Chiayi University. School officials denied any wrongdoing.

    Chen Ching-tien
    Chaiyi University Secretary General
    Staff said that in regard to the lab’s processes and taking of samples from the contractor, all work has been fair and objective.

    But, prosecutors confirmed that staff working at the university’s lab have already been indicted on charges of forgery and failure to fulfill legally required duties. The 16 roads and river levees found to have problems in the investigation are all located in Tainan County and Chiayi.

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