Lawmakers alarmed over reported launch of Chinese video streaming services (2019/03/14)
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    Lawmakers alarmed over reported launch of Chinese video streaming services (2019/03/14)

    Today Taiwanese lawmakers expressed fears over China's potential rise in the online entertainment market. A new report has it that two major video stream players plan to cross the strait and set up Taiwanese operations. Today at a press conference, DPP lawmakers said these streaming services were deeply affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. Lawmakers appealed for the blocking of their Taiwan launch, saying it was fueled by political motives.

    In 2016, Chinese streaming service iQiyi had launched in Taiwan through an agent. If new reports prove true, it will be joined this May by China’s largest streaming service Tencent Video, which plans to rent an office at Taipei 101.

    Pan-green lawmakers said that Tencent Video’s co-founder Pony Ma is currently a representative in China’s National People’s Congress. They said Tencent Video had political motives for launching in Taiwan – more political than what motivated iQiyi.

    Cheng Yun-Peng
    DPP lawmaker
    Tencent, Youku -- these Chinese Communist Party businesses are not coming to Taiwan for the money. They want to grab market share. Taiwan’s media, Taiwan’s video streaming services, Taiwan’s media outlets that are competing and investing in this market – what are they all to do?

    Yeh Yi-jin
    DPP lawmaker
    With fake news as rampant as it is today, with no action forthcoming from the NCC, and with new Chinese media on the prowl to invade Taiwan, it is hard to imagine what Taiwan’s multimedia and body of knowledge could be reduced to.

    Beijng keeps a tight leash on Taiwanese artists in China. It also does not allow Taiwanese video streaming services to operate in China. The National Communications Commission says it will convene a meeting Friday on closing loopholes used to exploit Taiwan’s free market.
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