Taipei Guest House to house memorial for late President Lee Teng-hui (2020/07/31)
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    Taipei Guest House to house memorial for late President Lee Teng-hui (2020/07/31)

    After months struggling with numerous health issues, former President Lee Teng-hui passed away on Thursday evening at the age of 97. Doctors at Taipei Veterans General Hospital confirmed that his wife decided to turn off life support, after Lee's condition took a turn for the worse earlier this week. The Presidential Office has announced that starting Saturday, there will be a public memorial space at the Taipei Guest House. Funeral arrangements for the first democratically elected president of Taiwan are still to be confirmed.

    Early on Friday, the American Institute in Taiwan was the first to lower its flag to half-mast in honor of Lee's passing. At 12 noon, the Presidential Office and other official and educational institutions nationwide followed suit. The flags will stay lowered for three days. The Presidential Office held a meeting to decide on next steps.

    Alex Huang
    Presidential Office spokesman
    To allow the nation, and citizens in every field, to mourn, the president has decided to create a memorial for the late President Lee at the Taipei Guest House. Memorials will also be created at our country's overseas Offices. With regard to the funeral arrangements, such as the farewell ceremony and the funeral ceremony, we will draw up plans in forthcoming working meetings. After discussions with President Lee's family members, we will make a joint public announcement.

    The meeting was chaired by Presidential Office Secretary-General Su Jia-chyuan. The heads of the Interior, Foreign and National Defense ministries were present, as well as the president of Academia Historica, and President Lee's daughters, Annie and Anna. Lee's final resting place has not yet been revealed, but sources indicate Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery may be the pick.

    Hua Ching-chun
    Deputy interior minister
    President Lee's relatives have already had a certain amount of discussions with the Interior Ministry, including on topics like whether to choose Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery. I believe that in light of President Lee's service to Taiwan, and his former position of commander-in-chief of the armed forces, this would be an excellent choice.

    Dr. Hwang Shinn-jang
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital
    He was in hospital for a total of 174 days. He suffered from numerous infections, and eventually septic shock and multiple organ failure. Despite the best efforts of our medical team, we were unable to save him.

    In recent years, President Lee was suffering from cardio-vascular problems, tuberculosis and diabetes. In February, he was rushed to hospital after choking on some milk. He developed fever and multiple inflammations, but was cared for by his loving family.

    Dr. Lin Yung-yang
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital
    He was extremely frail, but he was still able to look at a photos of his great-granddaughter, and videos. He would watch steadily, very clearly aware, following the footage. It was very moving for the nurses to see.

    But doctors revealed that President Lee was unconscious for the majority of his stay in hospital, and was on mechanical life support. When his condition worsened on Monday, his wife Tseng Wen-hui decided very reluctantly to turn the machine off. She was there holding his hand until the end.

    Dr. Hwang Shinn-jang
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital
    Yes, because his wife was distraught. Of course, it was a natural death, but he was attached to breathing apparatus. We removed it for him.

    Dr. Lin Yung-yang
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital
    On this occasion he gave us a different kind of lesson, aside from medical care. That was how to reflect on the meaning of life together with his family. Life doesn't last forever. When the time comes, we must let go.

    The memorial at Taipei Guest House will open on Saturday Aug. 1 and stay open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Aug. 16.
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    李登輝辭世享耆壽98歲 曾文惠決定停藥拔管








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