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Struggle turns to happiness for Cambodian woman married in Taiwan (2013/07/14)

Taiwan is home to hundreds of thousands of foreign brides, many of whom have trouble adapting. Tonight we take a closer look at a Cambodian bride who has spent close to two decades in Taiwan. Early problems made life difficult, but later she found a niche that brought happiness.

The family sits together and enjoys a meal.

Dish after dish resembles native Taiwanese cuisine, though this evening’s hostess is Lin Li-chan from Cambodia.

Seventeen years ago Lin was a teenager who came to Taiwan and did not speak a word of Taiwanese. And she had no experience doing the difficult housework that is expected of her.

Lin Li-chan
Foreign Bride
I was asked to cook and then take care of the children. And after I finished cooking there was work to do. When everyone took afternoon naps, I would clean the kitchen.

Lin came from a wealthy family in Cambodia, though a car accident led to the death of her father, who was the main bread winner. Her mother decided to marry her off, blindly pairing her with this Taiwanese man, Hsieh Shui-chin, who is more than 10 years her senior.

However, because they had their differences, there was a lot of conflict at the beginning.

Hsieh Shui-chin
Husband of Foreign Bride
Sometimes, I would talk to customers about business and come home a little late. She would wait for me at home and begin crying to show her dissatisfaction, which would lead to a fight.

Lin Li-chan
Foreign Bride
They would say our family bought a foreign bride. Many people would tell him that foreign spouses in Taiwan just want to make money and send it home.

With these stereotypes of foreign spouses running rampant, Lin would ultimately only be able to accept so much.

Lin Li-chan
Foreign Bride
I found it hard to adapt. I would cry at night then wipe my tears because I didn’t want my husband to know. Every night I dreamed of my father and the life that we used to live with him. I thought that for the first 10 years of my marriage, my dreams were real life, and the life that I was living in the daytime was just a dream.

Lin cries easily, her eyes turning red with tears when she recalls memories of her past loneliness and the many misunderstandings she encountered.

However, things have changed, and now she is able to smile when she looks back on this past hardship.

This is Changchun Community, in Changhua County’s Huatan Township. Lin is the director of the local community development association. She uses volunteering to help her get through tough times.

The elderly living in this area are grateful for Lin’s leadership, though few can guess that this happy leader once appeared nervous in front of local children.

Lin Li-chan
Foreign Bride
Volunteer mothers used to go to the school to tell these children stories. I also went, but the first time the children didn’t understand what I was saying. They became noisy and condescending, asking me my country and where I came from. I became withdrawn. Later, I went back a second time. When they asked where I was from, I offered to give anyone who guessed correctly a gift.

Being a volunteer in the school helped open Lin’s heart. She began to study Chinese with her children, learned about beauty and cosmetology, and gained the relevant licenses. She studied in a college and learned to cut hair, a skill she used to help others. She had fun volunteering, and started traveling between Taichung and Changhua to help other foreign spouses adapt to Taiwanese life.

However, this busy schedule upset her husband, who was operating a metal processing plant.

Hsieh Shui-chin
Husband of Foreign Bride
This volunteering led to more quarrels. She would come home late, explaining that she had a project. I would think that nobody should come home this late, so I would yell. Once I even flipped a table over in anger.

How this couple worked through its differences will be the subject of our next story on this foreign bride.
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回憶過去獨自忍受孤單與誤解 ,林麗蟬哭紅了雙眼




“就小孩子長大,學校就剛好有志工媽媽在那邊講故事,我就說 喔 那我也要來當志工。第一場上去演講(故事)的時候,下面的小朋友都聽不懂,就開始很吵,語氣就非常地看不起妳,妳是哪一國的,妳哪裡來的,就會問妳,妳第一次就縮回去了,然後回去,第二次又去的時候,問我說,妳是哪裡的,我說,你猜的對,我就送你禮物”



[[林麗蟬先生 謝水金]]

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