Japan’s Kura Sushi plans Taiwan OTC debut in September (2020/08/13)
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    Japan’s Kura Sushi plans Taiwan OTC debut in September (2020/08/13)

    Japanese restaurant brand Kura Sushi has announced plans to list on Taiwan's over-the-counter market. The revolving sushi chain, which has 27 Taiwan locations, announced revenue of NT$1.9 billion last year. This September, it plans to become the first Japan-based restaurant brand to trade on the OTC market.

    Kura Sushi offers sushi on a conveyer belt, and a chance to win a capsule toy with every five plates. It's set debut pricing at NT$55 per share. Kura Taiwan President Kentaro Nishikawa said Taiwan will become the company's third capital market, after Japan and the U.S. He said the listing is partly meant as thanks for Taiwan's support after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
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