President Ma campaigns for education vote (2011/11/14)
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    President Ma campaigns for education vote (2011/11/14)

    While Tsai Ing-wen was speaking about animal rights, her opponent Ma Ying-jeou was courting votes from educators. The president said he was disappointed that the Ministry of Education hadn’t done enough publicize his achievements.

    Ma merely smiled but did not answer questions from the media, instead quickly walking into the hall. Onstage, in front of an audience of educators, the president asked about the government’s education policy, in particular its policy to subsidize kindergarten and daycare fees for 5-year-old children.

    Ma Ying-jeou
    I’m not sure if you all know so I’m going to give you a quick test. How much is the largest subsidy for (students at) private kindergartens? Everyone seems to disagree. It’s really shameful. The Education Ministry has not done enough publicity, so the president will have to do it himself.

    Observers believe Ma named the Education Ministry in response to recent controversies, including its call to ban romantic teacher-student relationships and its suggestion that smokers not be permitted to become school principals.

    Ma Ying-jeou
    The Cabinet has already approved funding for education and drafted amendments to its management law. Originally, the education budget for one year could not be less than 21.5 percent of the net tax income of the previous three years. Now, we will raise that to 22.5 percent, a rise of one percentage point. One percentage point equals almost NT$20 billion of funding.

    Ma is campaigning hard for the education vote.
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