NPP criticizes DPP for delaying review of Referendum Act amendment (2017/04/21)
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    NPP criticizes DPP for delaying review of Referendum Act amendment (2017/04/21)

    NPP lawmakers today called out the ruling DPP for dragging out review of a bill that would dramatically lower the threshold needed to call a national referendum. No final vote has been held on the draft amendment to the Referendum Act since it passed an initial review in December last year, and the NPP caucus says it’s going to call on Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan to speed up the process.

    Taiwan independence supporters staged a protest outside DPP headquarters, urging the ruling party to quickly amend the Referendum Act, as NPP lawmakers pushed to complete legislative review of the bill. The NPP convened a cross-party negotiation session on the bill at noon but no DPP lawmakers showed up.

    Huang Kuo-chang
    NPP Legislator
    If the legislator responsible for convening cross-party negotiations doesn’t do so, even one month after the committee has completed its review of the bill, and the bill still can’t submitted to the Legislature’s plenary session for a final vote, what kind of ridiculous system is that?

    In December 2016, the Legislature's Internal Administration Committee completed review of the amendment to the Referendum Act, which would significantly lower the thresholds for proposing and initiating a referendum. But the DPP convener of the committee never called cross-party negotiations on the bill, preventing the Legislature from proceeding to a second and third reading.

    Lee Chun-yi
    DPP Caucus Secretary-General
    We are neither ignoring it nor avoiding negotiations. It’s just that we don’t have time to deal with this yet. So we are asking the NPP to have some patience. The bill has been under review by the legislature for several sessions. But it’s not going to be left out.

    The DPP is busy with its pension reform push, but the NPP is losing patience, and has said it will write an official letter to Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan next week, urging him to convene cross-party consultations on the amendment.
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    鳥籠公投法補正遲未三讀 時力批荒謬



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