Central Weather Bureau says more rain ahead this week (2019/06/11)
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    Central Weather Bureau says more rain ahead this week (2019/06/11)

    Heavy rain struck large swaths of Taiwan today, with the worst downpours seen in areas south of Miaoli. Severe rain warnings are in place in mountainous areas. The Central Weather Bureau says to expect more showers ahead this week.

    A plum rain front amplified by a southwesterly jet stream delivered a deluge to areas south of Miaoli today. The CWB issued heavy rain and extremely heavy rain alerts for nearly the entire island, warning of severe downpours in mountainous regions.

    Hsu Chung-yi
    CWB forecaster
    As the front moves south, the rain system will drift southward as well. Rainfall in mountainous areas is likely to continue. That is, the mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan, such as Taichung, Changhua, Miaoli, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. That region.

    The forecaster said to expect plenty of more rain ahead.

    Hsu Chung-yi
    CWB forecaster
    The second round of rainfall will arrive around Thursday and Friday. But please be reminded that mesoscale convective systems are more unpredictable. If a mesoscale convective system forms near the plum rain front, there is a chance of brief but intense rainfall around Wednesday.

    Facing a week of heavy rain, the CWB has launched large scale disaster prevention efforts. Residents of low-lying areas are advised to take precautionary measures.

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    滯留鋒面發威 鋒面南移中南部地區雨勢變大



    [[氣象局預報員 徐仲毅]]


    [[氣象局預報員 徐仲毅]]

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