0912 Taiwan News Briefs (2018/09/12)
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  • Washington insists its Taiwan policy hasn’t changed, but Beijing sees it differently
  • US-based pro-Taiwan group calls for renaming Taiwan’s representative office
  • Taiwan cracks 1.4 million orders on 9/9 online shopping holiday
  • Consumer watchdog warns on the dangers of laptop radiation
  • Record store beats odds with an offering of oldies but goodies
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    0912 Taiwan News Briefs (2018/09/12)

    Wanli Crab Festival Kicks Off
    Autumn is crab season. The New Taipei City Government held a press conference today to mark the commencement of the Wanli Crab Festival. Seventy-seven gift boxes, each containing seven three-spot swimming crabs, were on offer at half the regular price. People turned out early to line up for the sweet deal. Various restaurants also set up booths to showcase their crab dishes.

    A Trip Back in Time on the Skytrain
    The Taoyuan International Airport has come up with an innovative way to boost aviation safety awareness. The Skytrain that connects terminals 1 and 2 and its platforms have been decked out in art that transports passengers to Taiwan circa the 1970s. The signs carry reminders that help keep flights safe, such as warnings that drones are prohibited around the airport and that laser pointers should not be beamed at aircraft. Travelers can be informed while enjoying a trip back in time.

    T-Shirts Get Message Across
    A 40-year-old breakfast shop in Hualien’s Meilun District used to be open seven days a week. After a five-day workweek law was enacted last year, the shop decided that Thursday would be its day off. Problem is, customers kept showing up on Thursdays despite being repeatedly told not to, in person and in writing. The owner came up with the idea of having workers wear T-shirts emblazoned with the message “Closed tomorrow.” This campaign has proven powerful, with a success rate of 100%.

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    新北萬里蟹開賣 民眾搶購限量熟蟹禮盒

    桃機吹復古風 航廈重現70年代台灣風華

    比貼公告還有用! 早餐店員工穿"明天休息"制服
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