Taipei coos as giant panda baby Yuan Bao grows up, gives mom headaches (2020/11/24)
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    Taipei coos as giant panda baby Yuan Bao grows up, gives mom headaches (2020/11/24)

    Yuan Bao, Taipei’s tiniest panda denizen, is growing fast and getting cheekier by the day. Her latest antics made zookeepers step in to clean her up, fearing the job was too much for mom. At her current rate of progress, the zoo says her public debut could be just two months away.

    Yuan Bao lounges on the floor, kicking her legs. She’s muddy, she’s tired, she’s draped a towel over her head and she’s letting it all hang out.

    But as zookeepers try to wipe off her face, she comes back to life. Not today, thanks - she pushes them off. She got herself mucky earlier in her new favorite den inside this broad-leaved lady palm tree.

    Tsao Hsien-shao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    She made herself a little den inside this group of palm trees. It’s really not fair on her mom to make her lick all this mud off her fur. We want to preserve Yuan Yuan’s energy as much as we can for her to eat and produce milk, and help Yuan Bao grow big and strong.

    Back in the den, Yuan Bao chews on her bamboo and rolls around, blissful. She’s really a handful now that she’s getting bigger. Every day she ends up covered in mud. They grow up fast, but that’s life. Sometimes Yuan Yuan will turn a blind eye to her riskier exploits. A few months ago, Yuan Bao seemed much quieter than her own sister and was sleeping 23 hours a day. But could she end up the most boisterous one in the family?

    Tsao Hsien-shao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    Yuan Bao seems to be about one week behind her older sister, in developing her strength, and growing her teeth. But her mobility, her cuteness, and her liveliness are all catching up bit by bit. And her energy battery is coming along too.

    As for this blue barrel, it has won a permanent place in Yuan Bao’s toy box. She loves to hop inside and rock back and forth. As the quick-learning panda gets more and more lively, it looks like she’ll be ready to widen her horizons and meet the public in January.
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    大貓熊"圓寶"成長超前 元旦可望對外亮相




    [[北市動物園發言人 曹先紹]]


    [[北市動物園發言人 曹先紹]]

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