Taiwan’s oldest reactor retired but spent fuel rods left inside (2018/12/06)
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    Taiwan’s oldest reactor retired but spent fuel rods left inside (2018/12/06)

    Today Taiwan permanently shut down the first of its six nuclear reactors. But although the reactor is no longer generating power for the grid, all of its spent fuel rods have been left inside. Officials said the fuel rods will stay in the power plant until a storage facility is approved by the local government. Until then, the formal process of decommissioning the reactor cannot begin.

    The permit for Reactor No. 1 in Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 has expired, but there’s nowhere for its fuel rods to go. A dry cask storage site built in 2013 has not been approved by the New Taipei Government, and so the rods cannot be removed from the plant.

    Hsieh Shou-shing
    Atomic Energy Council minister
    This isn’t a problem that just arose today. That dry cask storage site has been there a long time. The site has been sitting there for a long time.

    According to the Atomic Energy Council minister, the fuel rods are still in the reactor’s core, so its safety systems must be kept running. This means that technically, the reactor is running without a permit. The minister said this was a serious problem that New Taipei could solve simply by approving the dry cask storage site, which he said was safe.

    Hsieh Shou-shing
    Atomic Energy Council minister
    There are nearly 200 dry cask storage sites in the world. From what I understand, 170 of them are outdoors. It’s also that way in Japan.

    New Taipei has refused to authorize the storage site 13 times, citing safety concerns over slope stability, erosion risk, groundwater levels, and other issues.

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    核一1號機成黑戶 原能會主委:安全無虞



    [[原能會主委 謝曉星]]
    “不是今天才發生,這事情(一期乾貯場) 已經很久了,擺在那地方很久了。”


    [[原能會主委 謝曉星]]


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