Octogenarian laundry shop owners go viral with stylish abandoned outfits  (2020/07/31)
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    Octogenarian laundry shop owners go viral with stylish abandoned outfits  (2020/07/31)

    The octogenarian owners of a small laundry shop in Taichung have been thrust into the international spotlight for their fashionable outfits using abandoned clothes. The couple's grandson came up with the idea of starting an Instagram account to show off his grandparents' impeccable style. The account has since garnered half a million followers from across the globe.

    Grandpa is rocking a leather jacket with striking aviator glasses. In the next photo he's wearing a sporty hoodie with a bucket hat, looking young and hip. Meanwhile, grandma is pairing a khaki two-piece over a white T-shirt, or a long camel blazer over a pleated skirt for a retro and stylish look.

    The two trendy models are 84-year-old Hsu Sho-er and 83-year-old Chang Wan-ji. The couple has been running a dry cleaner for 70 years. The clothes they are wearing in the photos are items that clients sent in to wash but never collected. Now, the two mix and match the discarded garments and make them their own.

    Chang Wan-ji
    Laundry shop owner
    Combining the clothing like this and wearing it, it makes me feel decades younger.

    Hsu Sho-er
    Laundry shop owner
    I thought about every aspect of it. When I was young, I would dress like this.

    For about a month now, they've shared their photos of their outfits on their Instagram account, which has already amassed over half a million followers. It all started when their grandson returned from overseas. He hadn't planned for his grandparents to become an international sensation. He says he just wanted his family to have a bit of fun.

    Reef Chang
    Because of the pandemic, I came back from overseas. It's rare for me to be back home for so long. So I had the idea. I thought, "Why not promote this idea of cherishing objects?"

    The elderly couple has gone viral online, and their story has been covered by international media. The couple says a customer actually came in to pick up laundry that had been dropped off one year earlier.
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    舊衣穿搭穿出時尚感 洗衣店老夫妻變網紅




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