Gaming restaurant allows diners to play on classic consoles of every era (2020/11/24)
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    Gaming restaurant allows diners to play on classic consoles of every era (2020/11/24)

    Fans of classic video games have got a treat in store in the form of a gaming restaurant in Tamsui. The new eatery offers diners the chance to relive consoles of every era as well as classic arcade games. Since opening two months ago, the spot has already found a warm welcome, with gamers delighted to be taken back to the good old days.

    Eyes fixed on the screen, hands tightly gripping the controller: this is not an Xbox or even a Switch. It’s the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: top-drawer in 1990.

    These gigantic games consoles would seem at home in a gaming emporium. But now here they sit in the middle of this restaurant. It cost NT$10 million to install the assortment of up-to-date and retro consoles. But the eatery was a hit as soon as doors opened.

    Chen Wei-chiang
    Gaming restaurant owner
    Playing video games was my hobby since I was a kid, both the early home entertainment systems and the arcade games you see at the back. But I think what’s really important about video games is spending time together. These days, everyone plays handheld games, but it’s all online. It’s very convenient but you miss the feeling of being able to enjoy it together or share it.

    Situated in New Taipei’s Tamsui District, the restaurant opened in September to an influx of curious gaming pilgrims. In October, profits were more than NT$1 million, reflecting the hunger for nostalgia among customers.

    Member of the public
    Back in the old days, we’d go and line up to play shooter games in the emporium. You really had to line up, always. And they’ve got them here now. And you just have to feed it a token. It’s so nostalgic.

    Member of the public
    They’ve got lots of quite retro old arcade games here. It reminds me of when I used to save up NT$10 or NT$20 and then go out with my savings and play games. It takes me back to that old feeling.

    First generation Xbox, classic Nintendo Entertainment System, or even the latest Switch: they’ve got it all. Gamers of every generation will find something to whet their appetite here.
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    新舊遊戲機通通有 電玩餐酒館創造話題




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