James Soong searching for a deputy; Wang Jin-pyng denounces Soong ‘betrayal,’  (2019/11/08)
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    James Soong searching for a deputy; Wang Jin-pyng denounces Soong ‘betrayal,’  (2019/11/08)

    James Soong's 2020 presidential bid is largely a done deal. A spokesman of Soong's People First Party said Friday that the search for VP was underway in earnest, and that a ticket could be unveiled next week. Former lawmaker Wang Jin-pyng is denouncing Soong for choosing to run. Wang says Soong promised him the presidential nomination last month and then retracted it in an act of bad faith.

    Days earlier, Soong said he’d rather “rip up his ticket” than give his party’s nomination to Wang. During a KMT luncheon on Thursday, Wang was said to have complained about Soong with a vengeance.

    Lai Shyh-bao
    KMT lawmaker
    He said that just a few weeks ago, talks were going well. Soong had been willing to let Wang run for president. But then, two or three days earlier, Soong asked Wang to run for VP instead. Wang said that was absolutely unacceptable.

    In a press release on Thursday, Wang said he’d had “a delightful talk” with Soong on Oct. 25. Then on Nov. 4, Soong said he wanted to run for president himself. Soong asked Wang to be his running mate. Wang refused. The statement implied that Soong acted in bad faith.

    Chang Sho-wen
    People First Party spokesman
    From the start, what the chairman conveyed was only the willingness to find a way to cooperate.

    Wang says he was betrayed, but the orange camp says it was a misunderstanding. Amid competing narratives, the only thing clear is that the Soong-Wang ticket has fallen apart. The People First Party has made that plain.

    Chang Sho-wen
    People First Party spokesman
    With regard to the choice for vice president, the People First Party is looking at many recommended candidates who are currently not in the political sphere. We will hold a general meeting next week at the latest. We may issue a statement that same day.

    With Soong on the brink of a presidential bid, political watchers are waiting for Wang’s next move. In Wang’s Thursday press release, the headline had been, “I will press on with my campaign to the end.”

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