Cross-Pacific trade to be bolstered by launch of Taiwan-US Business Alliance (2020/08/13)
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    Cross-Pacific trade to be bolstered by launch of Taiwan-US Business Alliance (2020/08/13)

    The Taiwan External Trade Development Council, or TAITRA, has launched a major new trade alliance, which aims to deepen links between the United States and Taiwan. Just on the heels of the Taiwan visit of U.S. health minister Alex Azar, which also featured a heavy focus on economic cooperation, the Taiwan-U.S. Business Alliance launched on Thursday. More than a thousand Taiwanese companies are already involved, including state-owned giants like CPC and Taipower.

    Led by TAITRA Chairman James Huang, chiefs of Taiwanese industry line up onstage to mark the launch of the Taiwan-U.S. Business Alliance.

    At the flick of a switch, the number 1,000 lights up, representing more than 1,000 Taiwanese firms that have already joined the alliance.

    James Huang
    TAITRA chairman
    I hope that as coronavirus recedes, we can launch our action plan as soon as possible, holding workshops for Taiwan-U.S. trade exchange in Taiwan. We also hope to organize a trip to the U.S. for our corporate members, to support businesses to develop in the U.S. market.

    Cynthia Kiang
    Bureau of Foreign Trade
    The United States is a very important trade partner for Taiwan. For example, last year we were the U.S.’s 10th-largest trade partner. We can see many important firms from the U.S. and Taiwan have all joined the alliance. I believe this platform will give these companies and industries opportunities to exchange.

    The alliance will focus on developing trade, investment, industry, talent and entrepreneurship. When the pandemic is in the past, organizers hope to set up a marketing center in the States, and hold exchange trips with 500 American companies to catalyze collaborations. Before leaving Taiwan, U.S. health minister Azar spoke about the need for the States to establish strategic domestic production networks. Huang is positive about Taiwan’s role in that process.

    James Huang
    TAITRA chairman
    One area is public health and disease prevention. Another is next-generation communication technology such as 5G and data security. If the U.S. is building strategic production networks, these two industries should be the priority. Both are Taiwan’s forte and specialty.

    With Azar’s visit focusing on trade developments, and now the alliance forming, it looks like a golden age of Taiwan-U.S. trade may be dawning.
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    台美企業聯盟啟動 貿協:五大領域強化台美合作




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