At Taipei Expo Park, a chance to play with the tech of the future (2020/08/13)
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    At Taipei Expo Park, a chance to play with the tech of the future (2020/08/13)

    If you want a peek into the future, look no further than Taipei's Expo Park. Eighty-nine leading-edge technologies are now on display at an interactive expo, where admission is free of charge. Visitors can hop on a driverless bus, or play on a swing set that helps keep you cool in the summer months. Discovering Technology Treasures - Transform the Future opened Thursday and runs until Aug. 30.

    Face the karaoke jukebox and make your request in Taiwanese. It can pick up singer names, song titles, and even commands for volume control. Using voice activation technology, the device finds and plays your favorite Taiwanese tunes. Interactive technologies can also be put to use like this.

    Chu Hsu-shan
    A cooling module is installed inside this swing. After you swing back and forth a few times, the seat turns extremely cold.

    With a bit of back and forth, this swing cools down to negative 5 degrees Celsius. It’s one of the tech applications at an expo held by the MOEA’s Department of Industrial Technology. The Discovering Technology Treasures – Transform the Future expo is underway at the EcoARK Pavilion in Taipei’s Expo Park. Admission is free, and 89 technologies are on display.

    Liu Wen-hsiung
    ITRI president
    In terms of the unmanned economy, we’re talking unmanned shops and unmanned vehicles. It’s those things, as well as intelligent automation in manufacturing. These are all a direction we can take for future development.

    The Department of Industrial Technology brought together 16 R&D units under ITRI, the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre, and the Institute for Information Industry. The expo aims to showcase Taiwan’s accomplishments in R&D, while fostering more collaboration between industry and R&D teams.

    Richard Lee
    TEEMA chairman
    Information and communications technologies are basically for the export market. So to see its applications and its consumer uses, we usually have to go abroad. But today we don’t need to. We can see it right in the country. We’re bringing the technology directly to the domestic market, delivering it directly to our consumers. Profits will definitely be higher, since manufacturers can bypass the middleman – they don’t need to go through foreign clients or distributors.

    At this high-tech fun park, cutting-edge technologies take center stage, with Taiwan’s R&D prowess taking the spotlight.
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    [[工研院材化所副組長 朱旭山]]


    [[工研院長 劉文雄]]

    經濟部技術處匯集工研院、金屬中心、資策會等轄下16個研發型法人、廠商, 藉由參展展現實力,讓研發和產業緊密合作。

    [[台灣區電機電子公會理事長 李詩欽]]

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