Leading scientist wants Yu Chang controversy to end (2011/12/20)
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    Leading scientist wants Yu Chang controversy to end (2011/12/20)

    One of Taiwan’s leading scientists has expressed the hope that media reports about political figures will not technological development in Taiwan. Academia Sinica President Wong Chi-huey made the call in response to questions regarding a government investment in a biotech venture that has been at the center of a political storm.

    One week ago, Academia Sinica President Wong Chi-huey issued a statement that said the Cabinet clearly understands that no illegality occurred during the establishment and operation of Yu Chang Biologics. And, that no such implications should be made against innocent people. This was widely interpreted as a complaint on behalf of DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen.

    Wong Chi-huey
    Academia Sinica President
    I didn’t say anything like that. That was the media’s interpretation, it’s headline. I said that this incident has caused national unrest. So, media reports should be based on the facts. There shouldn’t be any unfair reports. That’s all I said. This unfairness is not necessarily directed at Tsai Ing-wen but everyone involved in the case.

    Although he does not want to be dragged into the political infighting Wong said he finds it unacceptable that the Yu Chang case is being described as being a case of corruption.

    Wong Chi-huey
    Academia Sinica President
    As a technical advisor to the Cabinet, I had a responsibility to assist in laying out an overall plan and concepts. Everything I know was written in my statement. I think this is a very sensitive time. So, everyone should be careful with what they say.

    Meanwhile, a supporters club for Tsai Ing-wen was set up in the Hsinchu Science Park today. Tsai told the assembled crowd that the Yu Chang case displays a lack of knowledge of the biotechnology industry by the president. Tsai also said called on Council for Economic Planning and Development Minister Christina Liu to stop her baseless attacks regarding the case.
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    [[中研院長 翁啟惠]]
    “我沒有講這種字眼,這是媒體的解讀,設標題,我是說這個事情引起全國不安,所以在報導的時候,必須要有事實根據,不要有一些不公平的報導,我只是在講這個,這個不公平,並不一定是針對蔡主席,而是所有參與的人 “


    [[中研院長 翁啟惠]]

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