James Soong to be the deciding factor in the presidential election (2011/12/26)
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    James Soong to be the deciding factor in the presidential election (2011/12/26)

    With 19 days to go until the presidential election, the pro-independence Taiwan Thinktank has released the latest results from opinion polls. Currently the support rate for Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ing-wen differs by only 0.4 percent with Ma holding a slight lead and James Soong trailing far behind. Thinktank analysts say that the key to the election is in how many votes are won by Soong.

    With the election fast approaching, the Taiwan Thinktank has released its latest opinion poll figures. KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou has a support rate of 39.5 percent, with DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen a close second, at 39.1 percent, while PFP candidate James Soong lags at 11.1 percent. The polls were conducted on Dec. 23 and 24, canvassing opinion from 1,067 adults above the age of 20. The confidence level of the poll is 95 percent and margin of error 3 percent.

    Julian Kuo
    Former DPP legislator
    I believe that if we voted with the current figures, Tsai would win but not by a large margin. The first factor is the shift in James Soong’s votes. The other factor is votes from those who live overseas. But the bigger factor is still Soong.

    Hsu Yung-ming
    Taiwan Thinktank Convener
    According to this, Tsai might be leading by about 3 percent. When Soong ran for Taipei City mayor, in the worst instance, he only received 50,000 votes in Taipei City. If he got 50,000 votes each from Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli, 50,000 is still very low. The total is only 300,000.

    Hsu and Kuo uniformly believe that negative electioneering tactics and cross-strait policies will not affect the way voters cast their ballot. As the election approaches, Soong’s share of the overall vote and economic issues will be the deciding factors for Ma and Tsai.
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